Tuesday, March 20, 2007

bill berkson was great on sunday--the work and the stories after.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Saturday, March 10, 2007

i have a hobby its name is bead (i just realized i had IT's!! this is a pet peeve--I'm so humiliated.)

bead crap.

little pearl big pearl necklace i made.

labradorite and onyx necklace for mel. part of it. i love labradorite. i'm still figuring out my camera so this photo's crappy.
i want to make alice notley a necklace based on alette. this will take a while and will most likely not involve beads. i might take a chain-making class. that would be more like it. i can make chains but i don't have a tumbler though my friend does. she'll let me use it, but that involves driving. this is all very interesting, i'm sure.
i just realized i haven't had a cup of tea yet today! very exciting--now i get to have one. i love being an adult.
anyone know how to post video to a blog from my hard drive? (besides by uploading it to youtube first)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I was reading Maureen's blog and it reminded me of a weird moon-dream I had last night. I was riding in a car with three other people, a guy I barely knew driving. It was dark and we were in a sort of deserted hilly area and he was driving really fast on curvy roads, there were trees in the distance and the horizon, and the moon was bright blue with white patterns on it and HUGE, right at the end of the road. When I noticed it, it started pinballing around. We came to a slight hollow with trees and a creek and a cemetery on both sides of the road with lots of mourners visiting their dead, frying eggs right on the tombstones. I remember thinking, "these people must be really poor," because the headstones were made of metal and had doors on them with vents--exactly like stand-alone lockers. Some people were taking the lockers into the creek for a swim. Then my grandfather was there, and I had to tell him something. As I tried to speak, he kept backing away half-turned to me as though in a hurry to get somewhere. I knew he was going to die so if I didn't tell him this important thing now I would never, and I didn't, and he ran off waving to me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

great idea Maureen. this isn't the right font but i'm just playing with this idea.

please help me design my book cover. ryan said maureen especially would be good at this and i agree seeing as how her tinysides are all beautiful AND she likes to talk about designing books. i took this picture yesterday i kind of like, but i don't even really need an image i guess. the image is supposed to have the musical notes at the bottom but i didn't rotate it. the title of the book is clearing without reversal.

I just got a digital camera.