Monday, March 31, 2008


after awakened in the river as the feeling of bodied eyes [before the physical’s derangement] afloat along a numbness called home [orations that caused us before they caused home] which has entered memory to collapse it into vast crumbs—this is how a fresh subject imposed its systems [talking of before to inhabit present action] think (that) you speak along the tongue telling nothing [think before is that you speak of your or other speaking] these else to slip and spread in an altered syllable [can this be mimicked before you] one falling alteration that swells to occurrence as a presence pissing in the dressing room as well as not pissing or make a room a territory [the seeing of it before it being owned but then before belonged to those who see now as well] streams cutting it off measure of awakeness—how rush thinking through to touch blurs that mouth a broken or saddle stages to the feel of that collapse [never had such a knife as when I have before] sum of fears befores that come to wars I cannot say flicker underwater
water forced through organs does shed a mercenary light

Monday, March 03, 2008

post-sammich philosophizing led me to this place.