Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm deciding if a windfall has fallen on me. Today buying chain soup from a chain joint I handed over my university ID to pay--by accident. It should've been the bank debit card. But the ID card worked even though I've NEVER put money on it. I didn't even realize my mistake until the woman handed my ID back to me--I even told her I didn't have any money on it and she said, "Better spend it while you got it then."

When you have money your your student/staff/faculty ID you can use it at local restaurants, UPS, CVS, a couple of DAY SPAS (just found that out), and some clothing stores. But I don't have any money on my card--I even checked in the system. My balance is 0, my acct activity is 0. I AM TORN. can this be traced?

Maybe I'll try to buy something I need like floss at the CVS and see if it works again.


Blogger Ryan W. said...

what did you decide?

10:27 AM  

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