Sunday, February 04, 2007

are my crack days behind me

a few poems I found in my files today.

Henry Kissinger

they were both like dams and where was the leak?
every object and person was, she said, familiar to her, but temporarily wrong, e.g.
they spoke Spanish when they were not asking her a direct question e.g. we used to pour cold water on the Dobermans when their genitals could not release each other in the middle of the living room
it turns out this happened nightly

she wished she could keep his tongue in a safe area of her mouth
who could not speak for fear of saying something
everyone had heard the story, including the grandmother, which made
everyone slightly uncomfortable, including the grandmother


We’ve gone too long without toast. Some one time I get out the bread & think to start to toast, goddamnit. Celebrities shape like toast enter into it for a moment but do not see me as I see not them, vague pronouns sewn into silk & lacking qualifiers. Celebrities must eat toast shaped like themselves. The toast can be optional but the shape of themselves cannot be optional. This toast intricate as a brain writes extremely well from its little dark jar. He bit his toast to the shape of a gun and held me up at toast point.

[The title of this just might possibly be SKUNK.]

mid-stride of connecticut dark and his toe

catches skunk-belly underside of skunk skunkbottom of skunk

and then

who might put a skunk as finger
puppet in a white envelope mutter
skunk and skunk and the skunkstink
7 times over the graphic scrawl skunk

skunk looping smelling of black
ink evaporated over a continent
of slight breakfasts

did you kick the skunk?

who is kicking anything that is now being kicked

and saying skunk and saying it

the lips grown disinvolved in the
saying of skunk

took thousands of years evolution crawling and
jogging by lips

vestigial as fins on

and is all you have the disutility of lip
in terms of skunk

but the arc of ink tossed
over white oceans

this is

all the muttering story this is all

that is in or out:


the skunk as disguised finger
[or the finger disguised up a skunkass]

pronounces an unlike syllable

[this may be titled, "huh?" or something I think]

who do you please
look I fucking love
when to look very hard
at you your having
substance when how with
or i dont fucking know
what any one is
saying 30 days changewhat who is am then purr
i love you
slight destruction how does
love relocate my vision
you;r eall talk questions
resignations con questions overlapping
bodies picketers
relating to never having
been that reconstruction
who what are they
equaling the trying very
hard bodies eyes in serious



Blogger Ryan W. said...

you should publish a collection of your sub-cathy poems, the poems that aren't your actual poems. maybe you should only write poems that aren't your actual poems, for now on.

11:49 AM  

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