Monday, April 30, 2007

don't inject your topic where my cower
worked its papery dawn to pieces, though
this sounds foolish, pages caught
revenging roaring girls dressed to what
loafingly tackles the blurt of "theoretical"
twice-removed, almost by an already
dead his that was a cat who could
be called who, at they when difficulties
prosper like saying pieces into
the ownership's mouth, all what
makes the coming tears come and not
come, as the seeping grows vague
in the least brainward way


Blogger Ryan W. said...

for the last 9 minutes I've been vary drunk on less than one beer and just comaskjdfl;aksjdgmenting on, thing.
BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh. I'm listingening to talking heads. well I am. I don't mean that's a big point. it's just that I am. it's not like I started listingenging to it so I could actually then later say that I was, so that's why it's not a point, it's
you're a good poet. I was reading those april poems. fuck. I just realized it's may so everyone's done with their april poems. anyway I was reading them, last week I think, and they were much better than they ought to have been for daily poems (your poems I'm going back now and clarifying this point, that I wasn't just talking about everony's everyone's april poems but cathy's because in america we're obsessed with the fact that individual people exist but what's it matter?). that's true (but I wrote that's true before I went back and wrote that in the long parenthesis so really the 'taht's true' refers to what's before in the not parenthesis). I'm the equivalent of "someone who calls people when they're drunk" but it's ok because I aslo write things like excessive when I'm sober, not that the opinions are excessive and anyways. it's less than a beer but I've been talking a lot on my blog about how its very strong beer. I'm not sure

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Blogger Ryan W. said...


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