Friday, April 27, 2007

for mel

verbs and meat toward an anthem with
"I fucked a dense torte" as refrain
your stop has to come then would form
rare aloneness to alarm the yours of
the equipment till as-well-as days smoke
up the part that is place or places us
in relation to could, very inclined
to move a (the) rock on the (a) mouth ground
out via minimal mind


Blogger bender said...

among my yielded images for the search, 'i fucked a dense torte' were:

condoleeza rice and colin powell side by side

a hand-drawn poster that read, 'stay a virgin to avoid seeing the surgeon'

a picture of a gymnast's crotch in mid-flight (the gymnast, and the crotch, but not just the crotch)

a morrissey album cover

9:46 PM  

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