Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some information people have taken stabs at why I'm ornithophobic:

"You're sexually frustrated."

"In a previous life as an infant you were abandoned on a hillside where vultures first ate your face then ate the rest of you." Nice.

"You are really a bird. You are searching for your bird family but fear finding them because you do not know what to expect from a reunion. Reunions are always scary." Some of this not true, some is less false.

"Maybe it's race memory: An Ohio State study determined that eagles would swoop down, pierce monkey skulls with their thumb-like back talons, then hover while their prey died before returning to tear at the skull. Examination of thousands of monkey remains produced a pattern of damage done by birds, including holes and ragged cuts in the shallow bones behind the eye sockets." I like this one best. And I have those dreams where I need my hands to run.

At least I'm not afraid of rooms: Koinoniphobia. Not yet, anyway. I still need more information.


Blogger K. Lorraine Graham said...

Well, what do you associate birds with (other than fear)?

1:49 PM  

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